The Trustees are –

Ramaswamy S - trustees - Freedom for you - Foundation


Ramaswamy S

Has over 50 years’ experience in middle & senior management cadre, has been on the board of a few NGOs for over 15 years; Works with enthusiasm and “service above self” motive. Has been recipient of many awards from Rotary for community service. He is a trustee & head of School / Senior Citizen Welfare projects & Corporate Governance. He is a Mechanical Engineer by profession.

Ravi S Kumar - trustees - Freedom for you - Foundation

 Ravi S  Kumar

Has over 27 years’ experience as a top management professional in large companies in both service and manufacturing sector in India. Now he is in 8 voluntary organizations (NPOs/NGOs) on their Boards or Executive Committee/ Governing Council. He has received innumerable awards/encomiums from many voluntary organizations, for outstanding service to the community. Many MNCs/ NGOs involve him in their CSR projects from the stage of ideation to implementation, since he focuses on max-mileage-CSR projects, with optimal benefit to the target community, with least INR spend. He is a PGDM, AICWA, PhD, and has undergone many training programs in health & safety aspects from Hospitals & National Civil Defense College, Nagpur/ Civil Defense Staff College, Mumbai. He is a trustee and head of training, corporate/public relations.


 Sharmila Kadam

Has over 18 years’ experience in Product training, Sales & Marketing. She has strong belief,  with the right & earnest determination to help the poor and needy; Committed to bringing ‘change’ in the lives of women folk, especially poor women/girl children; She heads our Women’s wing, spearheading our department for empowering girl children/women,  by designing vocational skill training programs.

Mr Prakash Deshmukh


Mr Prakash Deshmukh

A two time national award winner from President of India (recipient of Gallantry and Meritorious Service Awards), is a retired professional from the Mobile Column of Govt of Maharashtra yearning to teach the basic safety skills to the youth.  He held the post of Deputy Controller in Maharashtra Civil Defense in its Thane Division. He is a philosopher and a great trainer in vocational skills; He is our Chief Trainer & conducts occupational and personal safety programs viz., Fire-fighting training, Mock drills, First-aid training, emergency rescue operations, and a few adventure courses in his spare time.