Our Work

Our Goal: ‘Save Life Around YOU’


“Saving a Life is One of the Most Rewarding Experiences a Person can Undergo in his/her Lifetime”

– Mahatma Gandhi



  1. Capacity building training for becoming an effective First Responder in any accident/disaster
  2. To create awareness in preventing/mitigating/ managing disasters and impart necessary skills
  3. Sensitize and train youth in understanding “Every Life is Important”.
  4. Train people to give First-Aid in the ‘golden minutes’ instead of being just an observer.
  5. More than medical attention, mental up-bringing /training should be imparted at the level of secondary school/college children to come forward and ‘Save Lives’ of many hapless victims of an accident, especially road/train accidents, who are allowed to die disgracefully.
  6. Help in building a ‘Maximum Society’ regardless of caste, creed, color, religion, social status etc. & to increase awareness and positive behavior through peer group learning sessions, life-saving education and community engagement
  7. Provide swift post-disaster relief and rehabilitation to the survivors; Empower, engage and economically uplift them quickly;

Our Major EMR Training programs (hands-on-training)

  1. Emergency First Aid/Rescue Techniques
  2. Effective CPR
  3. Disaster Management
  4. Disaster Management Awareness program (Lec-dem session)
  5. Fire Drill
  6. Fire-fighting training
  7. EMRT including Triage training
  8. Specially designed a program targeting schools, viz., “Safe School Mission” and another targeting community viz., “Safe Society”


How we conduct training

The program is conducted with a batch size of 35 ideally. The program is delivered by trained facilitators who are experts in the field. The program is located across the city in community halls, or auditoriums or in school/college assembly hall/class rooms.

We use AVs, posters, dummies, mannequins and volunteers from the audience while imparting training/demo session. At the end we have a Q&A session targeting various scenarios.

Evaluation is done through a quiz or written multiple choice questions. A few of the groups would like to have a review every six months/one year, which we conduct at their discretion.

Uniqueness of the Program

The program is unique in working with all age groups interested in learning, and has deeper community engagement. Pre-program promotion/awareness is slacking. The model is highly replicable and easily scalable.


  • Conducted and trained over 22000 people in Effective CPR training, including many doctors attached to organizations
  • Trained over 8000 people in Basic First-Aid course and emergency Rescue Techniques.
  • Fire-drill has received encomiums from the community and also the PTA of schools
  • DMAP benefitted over 33000 children and staff members
  • 1200 Health workers of NMMC were delighted to receive this life saving training
  • Provided quick relief materials, of over ¾ ton, in over 80 cartons to Nepal Earth Quake survivors in May 2015 and partly to a few affected Indian villages in Bihar state bordering Nepal.


Child Health,Nutrition and Education


To bring about a robust growth in the physical and mental faculties of the children and make them a well-informed ‘contributing’ citizen in thesociety/nation building process


  • To make children enjoy their childhood days with excellence in sports, games, besides academics;
  • To provide the basic infrastructure in all village/slum schools so as to equip the children with the knowledge and capacity to make informed choices about their health, well-being, academia and extra-curricularactivities and help them pursue their passion with gainful employment.
  • To help bright students from BPL family, financially to pursue higher education.
  • To enable economic empowerment through vocational training after secondary schooling to the drop-outs and financially weak students.
  • To ensure continued support through formation of peer groups and follow up beyond the program.

How we work

The program covers over 3000 boys and girls every year in the age group 6 to 21 years in various nodes of Navi Mumbai spread across many schools. The program is delivered by trained facilitators who are both women and men, professionals like doctors, management graduates, senior college students who want to be a intern in social development sector or simply employee volunteerism for coaching on varied subjects and behavioral skills so that children are engaged and make them even interested in the dry subjects too.

Intervention Approach / Design / Methodology

The program takes a comprehensive approach and intervention includes :

Ø  Classroom based sessions on health and life skills education.

Ø  Beyond the classroom sessions: field visits to the local parks, nearby hills, planetariums. Theatres, market place, even an exposure to police station/hospitals are sometimes done, and community/sponsored events using art, theatre, street plays and sports activities.

Ø  Vocational Training: Computer Literacy, English Speaking, Basic Beautician & Mehendi Art Design training/Basic Tailoring/Fashion Design and dress making, Jute and Paper Bagsmaking skills for senior girls, retail marketing, Accounting/DTP package training,   etc.

Ø  Award for regulars/smart kids by making them part-time junior trainers with us and train them under ToT scheme.

Evaluation is done through personal progress sheet, recommendations from our resource persons, Quality of delivery by our resource team and that of the vocational training classes is monitored by the team on a regular basis.

Uniqueness of the Program

The program is unique and has received encouraging response in larger enrolments from girls for our vocational training courses. The model is highly replicable and has allowed fast expansion and increased beneficiary coverage. Partnerships with local corporates for sponsorship avenues are being worked out. A few of the slum based private schools has lent itself to encouraging and innovative volunteering opportunities and corporate sponsored study tour programs for a select few students from different schools.


Ø  Provided general health and hygiene education to over 10,000 children and provided de-worming and micro-nutrients/mineral supplements continuously.

Ø  Schools have found over all better attendance record and performance from the students.

Ø  Free spectacles to vision deficient students : over 250 students benefited in the last 2 years

Ø  Swiftly trained over 715 girls in vocational skills training, delivered through our ‘institution-based’ program in just 2 years vis-a-vis 690 girls/women trained through our community outreach program over the last 5 years.

Ø  Encouraging response from many institutions, we are now running a waitlisted schedule for conducting similar vocational training programs for the benefit of their wards; We can scale up without wait listing, but for the funds crunch.

Ø  Education assistance to academically strong students from BPL families have been extended to over 12 students, most of them are girls. Many donors have given a positive impetus this year with grants for higher education compared to other avenues.

Our planned projects for rural school children

Ø  Set-up sports facility (Kho-Kho, kabbadi, Volleyball, basketball, throwballetc)

Ø  Distribute sports Uniforms to all children&Indoor sports kits in schools which do not have play ground

Ø  Set-up a conventional and digital library (e-library) in various schools. Both new books and second hand books collected from employee from nearby companies and general public can be displayed.

Ø  Strengthen inquisitiveness and attract students to science quest thru Science exhibitions/contest, encouraging all students from different schools to participate

Ø  A Science mobile lab may be set-up for going to all the rural schools.

Ø  Children School Health Education Intervention Programsthat can be linked to CSR:



Empowerment of Girl Children/Women


Ø  To teach women from the urban-slums and rural areas of Maharashtra, a variety of skills and also providethem with gainful employment besides by focusing on     financial independence as an ideal way to empower women.

Ø  To promote women entrepreneurs through Bachat Gads (Self Help Groups) and increase employment opportunities for unskilled/semi-skilled women


Ø  Set-up 3 Vocational training centers in Airoli/Thane Dist/RatnagiriDist swiftly through funding from donors/CSR activity;

Ø  Design specific courses with scalability, employability, entrepreneurship development factors inbuilt into it with locally available materials catering to/ access to predominantly local demands/markets

Ø  Impart effective training in local language for better appreciation, from a resource person from the community itself.

Vocational training courses being offered and planned after the VTC facility is started are mentioned in the capacity building section. Please see Capacity Building

Capacity Building


·         To develop and enhance our performance and effectiveness to carry out scalable training programs,& to represent the views of local citizens in their need of skilling and to respond to their demands, and

·         To effectively design and succinctly deliver such programs entailing in gainful employment and/or economic benefit accruing to/arising out of it to the citizens so that more of them to gain greater control over their destinies.


  • To build capacities across all programs and to promote excellence
  • To be recognized as a training resource by the external world
  • To facilitate our employee engagement effectively and embed the values of Freedom4U across the programs
  • To design coaching for the first and second line leadership in Freedom For You Foundation
  • To effectively communicate the programs to sponsors who shall feel ‘compelling necessity’ to support and run the program.

Capacity Building programs and targeted groups

1. Women:

a.    Technical programs:Basic Tailoring, Advanced Pattern Making in Tailoring, Children Dress Design, Embroidery (Basic & Advanced), Soft furnishings – home textiles (Table Liner, Cushion Covers, Curtains etc.), Jute products – multi-purpose Bags, letter holders, wall hangers, conference kit with kalamkari fabric decoration, Artificial Jewelry Making, Stencil Printing/Wood Block Printing, Fabric Painting/Glass Painting,   Beautician (Basic &Adbanced), Mehendi Art Design (Basic/Advanced), Candle/Agarbathi/Shampoo/Phenyl Making, , Chocolates, Biscuits and Cakes, Gifts made out of Fabric/Jute mix, Cookery, Masala &Papad making, Bakery products , PC/Smart phone operations for adults, Compost &Vermi-culture, Medicinal Plants &Horticulture, Leaf plates, smokeless stoves, Collection, handling, disposal of non-chemical waste generated from nearby Industrial areas etc.

b.    Management programs:Legal/Financial Literacy, Understanding Entrepreneurship Workshop cum Workshop on IncomeGeneration Activities- a unique audio-visual workshop to understand the business of doing any business, Domestic help/nurse training, Marketing skills for Bachat Gats



2.   Youth:

a.    Technical programs: Basic Domestic Electrical wiring & repair, Carpentry, Welding, Plumbing, Painting, Air-conditioning & Fridge repair, Mobile repair, 2-wheeler repair, LED products- assembling and sale, Basic Computer training, Tally package training, Computer training in DTP, Photoshop, Coral draw etc , Horticulture, Food processing, Herbal Products, Driver training (3W/4W/HMVs), Waste management, E-waste management, Masonry, Fashion designing (for girls), Basic Canteen Supplies and Cookery Course

b.    Management Courses: Retail marketing, Soft Skills, Financial Literacy, BFSI, Call Center training, Office Boy/Asst. training, Group dynamics in industry, Rain Water Harvesting, Entrepreneurship skill development, etc.


3.   Community Health/Rural development/Environment:

Creating mass awareness for programs where govt subsidy is available for protecting interest of farmers and their community: viz., forming Bachat Gats primarily through income generating activities, Diabetes prevention and detection through different health camps, Rain water harvesting, solar energy generation for domestic use/grid supply, Construction of check-dams, new agricultural technology/methods of farming, drip irrigation, Social Forestry, Horticulture etc.


4.   Promote Adult literacy and Night school:

Those unfortunate children/youth who could not attend school, & dropouts to complete their education to get promotion in their job, a night school can be started from 6-830pm, to help them complete class 10/12, and with special focus on ‘one sitting graduation course” too

Resources Generated

PPTs, AVs, Manuals, Hand-book, Pocket Chart and Pocket Books developed by us and used extensively in our training programs.

Future Plans

To set up 3 Vocational training centers in Airoli/Airoli Slums in Navi Mumbai, semi-urban Thane Dist, and in Chiplun/khedTaluka of RatnagiriDist of Maharashtra, at a cost of Rs 2.4 Million (excluding the building construction if owned, and includes lease cost for one year lease if hired)