Guiding Principles

Freedom For YOU is a multi-faceted organization dedicated to the upliftment of the humanity through education, empowerment, rehabilitation, financial inclusion, basic/vocational skill training & development; We collaborate with many different organizations viz. Hospitals, Govt. bodies like Municipality, Police & Corporates, Trusts, voluntary bodies (Non-Govt & Not-for-profit Organizations), and a host of others to create a sustainable and thriving environment.

Our Guiding Principles are


  • Modern Society MUST incorporate philosophy of Neo-humanism.  i.e., recognize the existential value of all beings in creation.
  • Modern economy thrives at the bottom of the pyramid. Strong & empowered bottom can build super-nations.
  • Human beings regardless of caste, creed, color, religion, social status etc., have the Freedom to harness their innate potential and express it for all-round physical, intellectual, socio-economic, and spiritual fulfillment. Freedom4U delves in this fundamental right of all people.
  • Individuals are the basic building block of any nation; to develop a nation, develop the total person-spirit, mind and body, through character-development programs that build strong kids, strong families, strong communities and strong nations.
  • Everyone is a dignified member of the society; For an harmonious and peaceful growth of the family, the community and the society, the Nation MUST empower girl children, who are the FUTURE MOTHERS, & the women, & ensure their integration & active participation in the development process. Freedom4U strives to empower these targets in all spheres of life to build a ‘maximum’ society.
  • Encourage, educate and empower the under-privileged, poor & needy in such a way they gain greater degree of independence to lead a meaningful life, thus contributing to the development of the country.
  • Our mission & vision are based on the great thought of Mahatma Gandhi :  “Saving a life is one of the most rewarding experiences a person can undergo in his / her lifetime”. In any calamity, it is the poor and needy who are worst affected. Freedom4U strives to create awareness in preventing/mitigating/ managing disasters and impart necessary skills to manage disasters, thus help in SAVING LIVES.
  • Every life is important. Freesom4u desires to teach you a life-saving skill and promote saving lives. Freedom4Uinvests in  time and money trying to figure out the best way to motivate you to learn and then to teach you in a way that you retain the information for as long as possible.
  • First-Aid (FA) in Golden Minutes of an accident is almost absent due to untrained bystanders, rescuer is unable or unwilling to help the casualty. We need to create awareness about the ABCs of First Aid, and motivate people to give FA to casualties in any accident, many of whom could have been saved but for effective FA in Golden Minutes. More than 200,000 people die every year of sudden cardiac arrest only in MMR region (Mumbai, Thane and Raigad regions); Freedom4U imparts EMR Training in schools, colleges, clubs, housing societies, corporates and factories.
  • Bottom of the pyramid are the ones who have been continually stamped, often under the feet of the rich, the mighty and the powerful. We provide high-quality, compassionate and comprehensive legal counseling and other support services to as many low-income oppressed citizens as possible so that they boldly face the world, & report to the media & register the atrocities committed by crime-promoters/uncaring selfish politicians, inaction by Police/Govt. authorities, help them file RTI application, seek timely remedial action.