How you can help us

You can contribute in two ways :- (a) By volunteering in our camps/projects for the under-privileged, either as a volunteer or as a Resource person imparting training to the target
(b) Donate funds in any of the following ways:
(b)(i) : Directly, on your behalf or
(b)(ii) : in memory of your beloved kith and kin;
You too can donate*=> individual or corporate plan
(* Exempt u/s 80G of Indian Income Tax, receipts will be sent to you for claiming deductions in your IT returns)


How Much Would You Like to Give?

Rs 100,000
Rs 50,000
Rs 10,000
Rs 5,000
Rs 1,000
Rs 500
Any Other?


Why give monthly
Giving as little as Rs 500/- or Rs1000/- each month provides us with regular funds, which assists with forward planning and budgeting for projects.


Where the money goes?

97.5% to the project

0.5% to fund-raising

2% to Administration


Be a corporate donor:

Be a Simple Donor : Freedom For You donors play an essential role in advancing our work to enhance lives, bonding families, strengthen communities and develop socially responsible business leaders while realizing the business advantages that come from being a part of the Freedom For You network. It’s a win-win partnership that provides a valuable addition to a company’s CSR portfolio, as well as the opportunity for employee involvement in social aspects of Biz, executive networking and understanding profit motive vs compassion through exposure to bottom-of-the-pyramid-life-style-awareness. Irrespective of your company’s interests, goals for CSR activity and corporate objectives, whether it be for full scale involvement or for a more targeted approach, Freedom For You will work with you to develop a partnership plan to meet your company’s objectives.

Be a Matching Donor: You can be a matching Donor, in that the individual donations from employees can be matched by your Corporate, thus creating a larger pool of funds for a larger project benefiting the target. Such philanthropic goal from your Corporation enhances the fund size by motivating more employees to contribute to their might voluntarily. Both the employees and the corporation can reap the benefits of CSR through such annual givings, besides getting Tax exemption under section 80G of IT Act.