Our Social-Environomic, Health & Safety, Education & Training etc. Impact Programs are :

People Initiatives

 -Holistic development of Poor Children

-Women Empowerment through social entrepreneurship

-Promotion of community enrichment through better health & hygiene

-Sustainable Livelihood-Agro/skilled based, Self-Help Groups

-Generating Awareness – Health, Economic, Social Schemes …

-Focus on Inclusive Social Enterprise

Environmental Initiative


-Green drive – Tree Plantation

-Composting, Waste & E-Waste Management

-Agri–Technology for higher yield

-Green planned forest on waste land

-Water development & conservation


Corporate/Institution Initiatives

-CSR- design & implementation

-CSR Project Advisory

-Employee Engagement

            -Safety/Security/EMR etc. training                            

Disaster Response training

Save Life Around You Mission

– Safe School & Safe Society Goals

-Fire-drill, Disaster Risk Mitigation, Fire-fighting/CPR/First-Responder training for Educational Instns.

-Set-up Safe-Science labs, play- ground, IT labs, Library etc

-Design Disaster Mgt. plan for Educational Institutions/large CHS